Saturday, March 13, 2010

Off the radar

Lo Siento mis amigos, it's been a LONG time and I apologize.  Lots has been happening in our neck of the woods namely foundation work, tiling and "life".  Also few weeks ago, Russ and I bit the bullet and purchased our cabinets for the kitchen and got a great deal.  We not only received cabinets for the house, we have cabinets for many other random locations throughout the house because we found them on Craigslist and the seller had a heap of them! 

Good for us because he also threw in 2200 square feet of trimboard, a jettted bathtub, a Kohler 5-shower spray shower set, 5 sets of gorgeous closet doors, glass for a custom shower, about 300 square feet of tile along with two single sink vanities and a double sink for our master bath!  I'd be lying though if I didn't say that it is wearing on my patience at the amount of time everything takes!  Russ and I both are working (yes, I am now doing random HR and accounting work for a bar!) and Russ works close to 60+ hours/week so it's slow but it's all about patience.

We don't have amoney truck rolling up any time soon so we are relegated to doing most everything by ourselves and ya know what, that's o.k.  We are maintaining a decent balance and are actually headed to Mexico in a couple of weeks to escape the house, jobs and just enjoy a margarita (or three). 

That's right, I sit in the cab waiting for Russell the Muscle to load the junk up...I'm not stupid...buff, but not stupid :)

Mr. Hot Stuff and his buddies loading the master bath vanity (without the countertop)

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  1. You guys have been so busy! Looking forward to more updates and pictures!