Sunday, August 22, 2010

Maybe too much time has passed....nahhhh

Despite the millions (o.k., dozen or so) folks who kept asking us (i.e. "Ang") to update our blog, I feel that we reached a point somewhere in early July where updating the blog became a bit ridiculous.  With so much time passing from our last update in March, I felt overwhelmed and even began convincing myself that we hadn't really accomplished all that much.  In the era of HGTV, where immediate results seem to be the norm, I began thinking thoughts like, "the 'after' photos won't look nice enough".

Master Bath Before - well you can check out a previous post to see the bathroom down to the studs!
Finally a toilet installed - we chose a dual flush because it saves water.  Check out the fancy window too!

I wouldn't say "after" but getting closer - the paint color is on the wall "cobblestone" and you can see the fantastic tile work by Rusty!

Testing out the body close!

But, I began looking through our blog photos and many of our house photos since the spring and I'm convinced that we have indeed made respectable progress.  We don't have a 20 man team and expert designers working around the clock, but we are capable and able...when we find the time.  We are on a budget and everything takes a lot more time (and money) especially when it's just the two of us (or three, with our buddy Mark helping us out).  Not to mention, the "Mr." works at his real job for a minimum of 60+ hours/week!  No more excuses though, we are doing great and the house is coming along.

Making the opening from "nook" to kitchen larger to allow more light and easier flow.
Project complete!
We were fortunate to have Russ' sister, MacKenzie, and bro-in-law, come for a weekend and help prime and tile. 

Look at Justin with that tile saw!
After he installed backerboard, Russ used a lot of quick set/mortar to ensure the tiles were perfectly level - such an engineer.

I've become the designated "go to" girl which means I do a lot of the advance work, selecting paint colors, driving to remote locations to scout the best deal on counter tops, heck - I even got us into the finals for a new show on HGTV!  It would have been perfect to have  team of experts helping us out, but apparently, they "are no longer considering using us for their show".  BOOOOOO!
Maybe a little excessive on the grout but it turned out beautiful!

One wall of the kitchen.  We added the little desk area to the right and will put granite on it.  The big hole is for the double-oven.

Obviously, we need to replace the ugly window.  You like the subtle paint color above the stove?
Here you can see the beautiful window Russ and Mark installed and I think this image shows the widened opening from the kitchen to the back nook really well

Guest bedroom downstairs before paint


Russ leveling out the upstairs back unit (where we are currently living) in preparation for hardwood floors.
The hardwoods almost installed - full disclaimer - we ended up getting some guys from craigslist and they did an awesome job!

This was taken sometime in June - always a work in progress but we enjoy our weekends and seeing the fruits of our labor.

We used railroad ties to create a separate patio space and layered gravel with decomposed granite to give it a more finished look.  The table and chairs - another Craigslist find.  All I had to do was sand and clean and they're as good as new!

MAIN HOUSE (approx 2000 square feet - the downstairs - where we will eventually live)

Paint colors - We've selected various shades of grey throughout the entire house with the exception of the guest bedroom - that is a grey/green.  We hope to accent with turquoise, orange and possibly fuschia

Kitchen - Installed lower cabinets, cook-top stove (A Viking that we found on Criagslist of course), built small desk, installed 9 new can lights, installed new window, completed tile floor, painted ceiling
(Need to: finalize counter tops, install backsplash, get someone to build corner upper cabinet, find a new window for above sink, paint walls)

Master Bathroom - Finally figured out how to install the body sprays, hired someone to come and hot mop the basin to prep for tile (a water proofing for the basin of shower), completed built in above claw-foot bathtub, finalized plumbing, installed window above toilet, selected chandelier and other light fixtures, installed can lights,
(Need to: finalize counter tops, tile shower, install glass doors on shower, finish painting)

We are working hard on the downstairs and trying to focus on one room at a time.  Once the kitchen and bathroom are complete, we'll look at installing all new wood flooring and then we'll tackle the "nook", which will be our dining room, the office, laundry room, and the second bathroom.  There's more but that'll take a while.

As for the upstairs (two units), we moved to the back unit, which now has beautiful hard wood floors and finalized the front unit (see above flyer) so that we can hopefully rent it out.  You can see that we finished the bathroom with new tile surround, new vanity, light fixture, toilet and I refinished the tub and painted.  You might be able to get a glimpse of the new carpet too in the upper picture of the flyer, it's a pretty looped carpet that has a high end look but keeps it quiet for us downstairs :)

I best be getting back to my painting and Russ is working on the master bath shower.  To be continued (always).  xo

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  1. Amazing - you two are doing an incredible job! Send me your rental details when you have a chance, a friend's son (a recent college grad with a studio internship) is looking for a place to live.