Thursday, February 4, 2010

Demolition and the bathtub "before" my fantastic refninishing work!

Hooray, we have internet!  That means ya'll are gonna get a lot more updates from us!  I'm in a bit of a hurry but wanted to post some of the "before" photos as well as my bathtub "before" I refinish it.. 

The bathtub is already looking gorgeous but I need to wait until the temperature is at least 72 degrees (per the directions) because my first coat of paint went on a big goopy because it was closer to 55 degrees (ladies, sort of like an old nail polish and how it looks streaky and doesn't dry because it's too thick....that's what it looks like right now).  have no fear though, I'm gonna use some steel wool, sand it out a bit and then recoat it.  I can't stress enough though, the need for a mask and healthy ventilation...this stuf is TOXIC!

The "before" icky bathtub

The love of my life and super sexy construction worker/husband

Me looking not so sexy but this is what you get during a renovation!

Ah ha, the gorgeous claw-foot bathtub we hauled all the way from Santa Monica, with it hanging out of our trunk (on a Saturday night!)- - can't wait to soak my bones in this!


  1. Looking like a hot renovationist (is that a word)?

  2. the claw foot tub is gorgeous!!!!!! Great find!

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